Coastal Drone Aviation

Kate Kienapple

Drone Fundamentals

The rules are changing in 2018. This is the course you'll need to fly your 250g to 1kg drone legally in Canada.

Kate Kienapple

Commercial UAS Ground School

20 hr online ground school designed for Canadian UAS pilots. Compliant with TP15263. Coastal Drone Co. is a compliant training organization.

Kate Kienapple

Ground School Refresher and Written Exam Preparation

Get yourself ready for the upcoming knowledge exam! Practice with Transport Canada style multiple choice questions plus learn about the new regulations and how they affect you!

Kate Kienapple

ROC-A Radio Training

This course covers Industry Canada's ROC-A training but with an unmanned twist! While this course does not include the certification exam, you'll learn what you need to be ready to challenge the exam with a local examiner.