• Transport Canada Compliant

    Coastal Drone is a declared compliant trainer through Transport Canada.

  • Basic Category Knowledge

    This course meets the knowledge requirements (TP 15263) for pilots in the Basic Category.

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    Get the knowledge you need from wherever you are, whenever you want it.

Course Curriculum

  • 01
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  • 02
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    • Physiology- Vision
    • Physiology- Hearing
    • Physiology- Fatigue
    • Physiology- Alcohol and Drugs
    • New Regulation Update!
    • Psychology- The Decision Making Process
    • Psychology- Situational Awareness
    • Psychology- Stress
    • Psychology- Attitude, Automation and Workload
    • Psychology- Relationship with Equipment
    • Psychology- Interpersonal Relationships
    • Quiz: The Pilot
    • Ground School Basic Part 1 Notes
  • 03
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    • Engines and Airframes- Handling, Care and Securing FREE PREVIEW
    • Engines and Airframes- Data Links, Line of Sight and Interference
    • Engines and Airframes- Batteries
    • Engines and Airframes- The Autopilot
    • Engines and Airframes- The Inertial Measurement Unit
    • Engines and Airframes- Maintenance
    • Theory of Flight- The Basics
    • Theory of Flight- Airplanes
    • Theory of Flight- Multirotors
    • Theory of Flight- Helicopters
    • Theory of Flight- Situations to Avoid
    • Quiz: The Aircraft
    • Ground School Basic Notes part 2
  • 04
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    • Definitions, Who's Who and Application
    • General Rules and Operating Restrictions
    • New Drone Regulations (in plain english)
    • Quiz: The Laws
  • 05
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    • Meteorology- Turbulence and Wind
    • Navigation- Longitude and Latitude
    • Navigation- Map Reading
    • Navigation- The Canada Flight Supplement
    • Radio Theory- Basics
    • Best Practices- Checking the Weather
    • Best Practices- Time Reading
    • Best Practices- Flight Planning
    • Best Practices- NOTAM
    • Best Practices- 10 Quick Tips
    • Quiz: The Environment
    • Ground School Basic notes Part 4
  • 06
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    • What's Next?

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